Mediation and Negotiation

At present the Family Court of WA resources are limited which has caused significant waiting times in proceedings before it. As experienced family law practitioners we know that this delay (and the expense of Court proceedings) are often not in our client’s best interests.

This is where mediation and negotiation comes in.

In the vast majority of cases (both children and property) we settle through the use of our mediation and negotiation skills. This saves our clients both time and money – but more importantly, it often removes a lot of the negative emotion that the parties are feeling towards each other, bringing closure which allows the parties to move on with their lives. This is especially vital where parties are co-parenting.

Given our extensive family law experience we are skilled in different negotiating tactics to bring about the best possible resolution we can for our clients. We also know which mediators to appoint to suit which matters and this can also have a role to play in reaching a successful outcome.

It is extremely helpful to have an experienced family lawyer help you mediate your matter as we provide realistic legal advice which can give you the confidence needed to settle your matter.

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