Court representation

Our experienced and qualified family lawyers are here to guide you through the Court process. Even with the best of intentions, some cases will end up in the Family Court.

The procedures and processes at the Family Court can sometimes be very daunting to people.  They are very familiar to the family law team at Ferrier, Athanasiou & Kakulas.

Every case is different because every situation is different.

However, some issues come up time and time again.  Because we appear at Court on an almost daily basis, we see all kinds of situations.  You can trust us with your matter as we have experience in many different types of cases that end up in Court.  We regularly deal with parenting disputes, property settlement cases, child support issues, violence restraining orders and spousal maintenance cases.

We also have the capacity and experience to assist in urgent Court matters.

Because we are often appointed to be the Independent Children’s Lawyer in Family Court proceedings, we can provide a unique insight for parents and can strategise to maximise your outcome. Good Court outcomes take strategic planning, thought and hard work, as well as a sound understanding of the other party’s case.  We know what to look out for.

You will be kept up to date and fully informed as to the ongoing costs of your case and the likely time frames. Court proceedings can be expensive and it is important to clearly understand the potential costs from an early stage so that you can consider your options and weigh up the costs and benefits of litigation as your case progresses.

All members of the team have excellent advocacy skills and we have appeared as Counsel in the Family Court, Children’s Court and Magistrates’ Court.

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