Family Dispute Resolution Services

We put a strong emphasis on encouraging people to settle their own family law children’s issues by trying to communicate with each other and reach their own resolution. This has the best chance in the long run to preserve a couples ability to co-parent long after they separate.

The family law system is encouraging people to engage in mediation, before a case starts in the Family Court, and even whilst a case continues through the Family Court.

In most cases, parents or parties to a case about children must try to mediate with each other prior to starting Family Court proceedings. This is called ‘Family Dispute Resolution’.

Helene Athanasiou is an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is qualified to conduct these types of mediation, which is often also called Family Dispute Resolution.  Further, as Helene has been an Independent Children’s Lawyer for over 10 years she has a huge depth of experience when it comes to family dynamics and ensuring her mediations take this into account.

Mediations can happen with or without lawyers.  Mediation is a time and place where the parties can speak honestly and constructively about their issues, with the best interests of the children at the front of everyone’s minds.  Helene is very skilled at making people feel calm and ready to talk about their issues in a co – operative, respectful and open way.  Helene can adapt her way of relating to people to help them get the best out of their time at mediation.

Mediations can be arranged by one or both parties (or their lawyers) contacting Helene to tee up convenient times. Helene charges very reasonable hourly mediation fees. As both parties usually pay one half of the estimated total fees before the process commences this makes the process very cost effective.

If the mediation is not successful, then Helene can issue the required Certificate under the family law legislation, to enable parties to file proceedings in the Family Court.

All the practitioners at Ferrier, Athanasiou & Kakulas have represented many clients at mediation (both property and children). The key for you to end up with a successful mediation outcome is to firstly gain an understanding of the legal framework and the likely legal outcomes if the case were to proceed in the Family Court.  We can advise you about this so that when the time comes to try and reach an agreement with the other party, you can confidently proceed with a clear head and a good understanding of your legal position.

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