Disclosure FAQs

My financial information is confidential, I don’t want it to become “public knowledge”. What do I do?

 Throughout the disclosure process your financial information will remain confidential and will not become “public knowledge”.

Only your solicitor’s office, your ex-partners solicitor’s office and your ex-partner will have access to your financial information. If the matter progresses to the Family Court of Western Australia, the Judicial Officer presiding over your matter will also have access to it if you need to use the information to prove parts of your case.

The information provided to these parties is confidential. It cannot be discussed with others, who are not associated with your matter. Your ex-partner cannot share your financial details with other people.


I don’t want to share my financial information with my ex-partner. What do I do?

You have a non-negotiable duty to disclose your financial information to your ex-partner during your family law matter.

We understand that at times this may feel confronting. Please remember that all information shared with your ex-partner and their solicitor’s office is confidential.


 My ex-partner is hiding their financial information from me or, they are failing to disclose relevant documents. What do I do?

Your solicitor can correspond with your ex-partner’s solicitor to request full disclosure. If this is unsuccessful then the Family Court of Western Australia can order that your ex-partner disclose information and, can penalise them for not doing so.

If you believe that financial information is being hidden, a forensic accountant can be hired to examine your ex-partner’s finances or your ex-partner’s bank can be subpoenaed to supply additional information, however this will create additional costs.



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