Covid-19 Changes

Our Firm

Ferrier, Athanasiou and Kakulas, values the health and safety of our clients and staff above all else.

To ensure the safety of our workplace, all clients, third parties and visitors aged 16 years and over will need to provide valid proof of their Covid-19 vaccination status (or details of medical exemption) upon entering our offices.   If you are not double-vaccinated, please do not attend our offices in person.   We are able to communicate with you by telephone, email, or Microsoft teams.  You can provide valid proof of Covid-19 vaccination via:

  1. The ServiceWA or Medicare app on your mobile device;
  2. Covid-19 digital certificate with an acceptable form of ID on your mobile device or via hard copy;
  3. Immunisation History Statement with an acceptable form of ID on your mobile device or via hard copy.

We thank you for your understanding.

 The Family Court of Western Australia

On the 14th of April  2022, the Family Court of Western Australia released a public notice regarding Covid-19. While the Court remains open to the public, it is preferable that only those who need be there, Parties and Legal Practitioners,  attend. All persons attending the Court must wear a mask unless they are medically exempt or under the required age.

The Subpoena Office will remain open to inspect documents. If you would like to view documents subpoenaed in your matter, you can call the Subpoena Office on 9224 8222 to make an appointment.

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